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6clicks Intelligence is the research and development division of 6clicks.

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Our mission is to organize the world's risk and compliance data to make it accessible and useful.

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Excerpts from conversations with our team

AI's impact on cybersecurity

Discover how artificial intelligence is transforming the field of cybersecurity and enhancing protection against cyber threats.

AI-powered third-party risk assessment: Safeguarding your business

Discover how AI-powered third-party risk assessments can protect your business from potential threats and ensure a secure environment.

Navigating the future of GRC software: A 6clicks vision

Our mission at 6clicks is to ensure that the field of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) technology benefits all organizations and stakeholders.

Anthony Stevens

"Our team works at the nexus of cutting-edge technology and innovative distribution models to generate the next level of value to the world of risk and compliance."

Anthony Stevens
CEO & Co-Founder | 6clicks

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Join us in shaping the future of GRC and global business

Building market-defining AI requires people from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds.

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