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6clicks AI Charter

6clicks AI Charter

Our Charter describes the principles we use to execute on 6clicks' AI mission.



February 21, 2024

As the development and integration of AI technologies continue to accelerate, shaping various facets of our lives, 6clicks recognizes the imperative need for ethical, responsible, and trustworthy AI development. 6clicks builds and operates AI called Hailey AI and does this in accordance with our AI Charter.  Our AI Charter enshrines our guiding principles in developing Hailey AI, ensuring it serves as a beneficial, fair, and secure AI tool in the domain of risk and compliance.

Core Principles

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1. Transparency:

We commit to transparency in explaining Hailey AI's operations. Understanding the 'how' and 'why' behind Hailey's decisions and recommendations is crucial for trust. We ensure clarity in our methods and the data utilized, moving beyond the notion of AI as inscrutable or magical.

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2. Privacy and Data Security:

Upholding the sanctity of user data privacy is a cornerstone of our approach. Hailey AI is engineered to respect and safeguard user data privacy rigorously. Our standards for data security are stringent, ensuring the highest level of confidentiality and integrity in handling customer information. We continuously seek ways to optimize data use while preserving privacy.

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3. Bias Mitigation:

Recognizing the inherent risks of bias in AI, we are committed to ensuring Hailey AI's neutrality and fairness. Through meticulous data and model selection, management, and independent expert reviews, we strive for equity in Hailey AI's functionality and recommendations.

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4. Continuous Improvement:

Technology is not static, and neither is our commitment to improvement. We are dedicated to constantly enhancing Hailey's performance and dependability, incorporating user feedback, cutting-edge research, and industry best practices.

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5. Human-Centered Design:

Hailey AI is crafted with a human-first approach. Our aim is to augment, not replace, human capabilities, focusing on enhancing decision-making processes and easing the workload of risk and compliance professionals.

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6. Ethical Use: 

The ethical deployment of AI is a non-negotiable aspect of our mission. We ensure Hailey AI is used for positive and beneficial purposes, actively preventing any potential harm or misuse. Our principles underscore the importance of leveraging technology for societal good.

AI Governance Prerequisites

To effectively govern Hailey AI, we adhere to several key prerequisites:

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    Clear Understanding of AI:

    Knowledge about AI's workings, potentials, and limitations underpins our governance approach.

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    Governance Approach:

    Our AI governance is managed by a varied group of specialists, providing thorough supervision.

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    Risk Assessment:

    Comprehensive risk assessments including business impact assessments are conducted to mitigate potential AI-related risks.

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    Data Quality and Management:

    We prioritize high-quality data and robust data management practices for accurate AI models including training and testing data.

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    Policies and Procedures:

    Our policies address AI/ML including transparency, accountability, bias, and ethics in AI use.

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    AI System Life Cycle:

    Controls are encompassed into planning, development, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of AI technologies

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    Monitoring and Reporting:

    Continuous monitoring and reporting  on Responsible AI ensure the ongoing effectiveness and safety of our AI models.

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At 6clicks, we understand the profound implications AI has on society. Through Hailey AI, guided by these principles, we are committed to making a positive impact. We invite our customers and stakeholders to join us in this mission, providing feedback and questions to ensure Hailey AI remains a trusted and responsible AI companion in the world of risk and compliance.