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Hailey GPT for Audits & Assessments

Generative AI that expedites your audit and assessment process by learning from historical responses and your team's data.


The Benefits

Responding to audits and assessments is typically extremely repetitive and time consuming, waylaying valuable and scarce personnel.

Question responses in seconds

Generate responses to repetitive audit and assessment questions at the click of a button and select recommended attachments.

Consistency and error control

Leveraging past responses and internal policies drives consistency, minimizes human errors and ensures that responses align with your established controls.

For any audit or assessment

Hailey GPT for Audits & Assessments can be used when responding to any audit or assessment with relevant data within your team environment.

Intelligent AI that does away with conducting repetitive audits and assessments from various sources, like inbound vendor assessments and ensures your team isn't wasting hours on manual responses.

Global cyber compliance mapping the easy way

Hailey GPT for Audits & Assessments offers automated audit and assessment responses based on your data and historical responses, greatly enhancing the speed and ease of the response process. You can now quickly respond to inbound audits and assessments, saving precious time that would otherwise be lost in manual information collection. Furthermore, Hailey GPT brings consistency and accuracy to your responses.
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Flexible audits and assessments | Hailey GPT for Audits & Assessments

Flexible audits and assessments

Leverage our powerful audit and assessment module to conduct your audits and assessments against internal and external cyber compliance requirements.

Automate responses | Hailey GPT for Audits & Assessments

Automate responses

Leverage the power of generative AI to respond to your audits and assessments at the click of a button.

Dashboards and reporting | Hailey GPT for Audits & Assessments

Dashboards and reporting

Use our powerful reporting and analytics to summarize and inspect your results, as well as share with stakeholders to build trust.

Why businesses and advisors choose 6clicks

It's faster, easier and more cost effective than any alternative.


Powered by artificial intelligence

Experience the magic of Hailey, our artificial intelligence engine for risk and compliance.


Unique Hub & Spoke architecture

Deploy multiple teams all connected to a hub - perfect for federated, multi-team structures.


Fully integrated content library

Access 100's of standards, control sets, assessment templates, libraries and playbooks.

Intelligently accelerate your cyber risk and compliance program today


Stop wasting time with complicated pricing, longwinded consulting efforts and outdated technology.




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