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AI assistant for cyber GRC

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Trusted by hundreds of CISOs, information security leaders and risk managers worldwide

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Your GRC expert is here

Give everyone the power to get their work done faster and more confidently with Hailey Assist. Query, summarize and navigate your GRC program, ask for help, trigger automated tasks, and more using natural language.


One assistant for your entire team

Built for CISOs, InfoSec leaders, and GRC professionals, Hailey Assist supports your team in building resilient risk and compliance programs at every step of the journey, getting you audit-ready. It also streamlines and automates ongoing operational activities to maintain compliance, including on-demand visibility into your organization's security compliance and risk profile.

Hailey Assist integration with Microsoft Teams

Connect with the wider business

Hailey Assist will seamlessly engage non-GRC professionals, from executive leadership and the board to frontline managers and their teams, directly from their workspaces, such as Microsoft Teams. This enhances GRC program engagement and cultivates a mature risk and security-aware organizational culture.


Extend Ask Hailey to your needs

In the future, create and define reusable prompt templates and related responses that combine your 6clicks data and private company data sources, giving you the flexibility to tailor Hailey Assist to your exact needs. For instance, create a prompt and related response to link your business users to specific training courses on your LMS when they ask Hailey Assist about phishing or your company's safe cyber policy. 

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Query, action and navigate your cyber GRC programs with Hailey Assist, powering better outcomes for your entire business

The current Beta release is limited to query and navigation for some modules.

Compliance managers

Compliance managers

Access and manage compliance data, including policies, controls, and audits, and track control effectiveness and regulatory changes to ensure continuous compliance and adherence to frameworks.

Risk managers

Risk managers

Access risk, incident, and vulnerability insights to enable proactive risk management, create and update risks, risk treatment plans, risk reviews and more.

Third-party managers

Third-party managers

Efficiently manage vendor risks by triggering new vendor assessments, monitoring assessment statuses, sending reminders for completion, and tracking and remediating non-compliance.

CISOs & InfoSec leaders

CISOs & InfoSec leaders

Stay updated on daily team activities, critical security incidents, and vulnerabilities, and evaluate security trends for effective control measures, enhancing overall cyber compliance and risk profile.

Business users

Frontline managers and their teams

Quickly access policy, compliance and training information with Hailey Assist, enhancing guideline adherence and fostering a compliance-conscious organizational culture.

Executive & senior leadership

Executive & senior leadership

Receive succinct summaries and insights into cyber compliance, risk exposure, and performance, enabling informed, data-driven decision-making.

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Deploy conversational AI with built-in trust and transparency

Traditional GRC software is too restrictive, and general AI models are too generic. Hailey Assist integrates generative AI, a foundational Large Language Model, and our Enterprise Action Model with your private data to securely and accurately provide extremely relevant guidance, insights and support for your team and wider business.

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